Thursday, October 27, 2011

Power diagnosed with a compression fracture after Vegas accident

(by Pablo Elizalde 10-25-11)

Will Power has been diagnosed with a compression fracture following the accident he was involved in during the Las Vegas IndyCar event.

The Australian underwent further tests in Indianapolis on Monday as he was experiencing back pains following the crash, despite being released from hospital with no evidence of significant injuries following the accident.

On Monday, however, series orthopedic specialist Dr. Terry Trammell determined that Power suffered a compression fracture of his fourth thoracic vertebra.

Power is expected to recover from the injury with rest and rehabilitation.

Fellow IndyCar driver Pippa Mann, meanwhile, will undergo surgery today to rebuild the right side of her hand she injured in the same crash.

"Need replacement blood vessels, nerves, stealing a tendon from my wrist and a skin graft," she explained on her Twitter account.

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