Monday, May 25, 2015

An introduction

So, its probably time that I do a proper introduction and update since I've been working on this blog for 7 years now.

My name is Gary but a lot of people call me Turbobeep. My location is top secret but I can say I am in the cozy confines of the general Salt Lake City area.

I enjoy learning about cars, I love to drive, and I follow motor racing as much as I can.

I started out like most red-blooded American kids by watching the Indy 500 every year. This was back at the height of it's reign, the mid-70's thru the 80's. I never really hopped on the NASCAR bandwagon, the cars seemed too slow for me. I did however discover Formula 1 in the late 90's and became and rabid Formula 1 fanatic during the Hakkinen vs Schumacher era. That was an amazing time to watch F1, especially if you were a Hakkinen fan like me.

But after Hakkinen retired and Schumacher stooped to new lows to win, (2002 Austrian Grand Prix) I soured on F1 and paid little attention to it until recently, and even now don't enjoy it all that much. But at times I am hungry for open-wheel racing so I'll watch it when I can.

During those years of my F1 exodus I started to watch CART. It seemed a good fit for me, not quite as exciting as the old F1 days but it was more accessible and it was home-grown. This was after "the split" so it was also rather exciting to go digging for information and learn the history of CART and the war with Tony George.

I did become a little frustrated with CART due to the lack of technology in the cars compared to F1. However, that made me even more excited when CART became Champ Car and a new car designed by Panoz was introduced.

My spirit was only that much more crushed when just a couple years later Champ Car gave in and merged with the then Indy Racing League and it's ugly "lawn dart" farting bee Dallara.

The Panoz car that I loved so much disappeared.

I gave the IRL a try, here were almost all of the drivers and teams I had watched and cheered on in Champ Car. But I didn't last very long, the Indy Racing League and its hideous car was too much for me to take. If I did ever pay attention to it, it was only to watch it and laugh at the antics of Danica "the Pouting Princess" Patrick, and to hope that maybe one day the League would implode in on itself.

My interest was perked slightly when there was news of a new car being designed, plus Danican't announced that she would soon be making her way to NASCAR.

But here again the IRL demonstrated its incompetence and I left in disgust after Dan Wheldon, a well known and loved racer died in an accident in Las Vegas, a race that was unnecessarily dangerous and stupidly planned.

4 years have passed since that dark time. I am still frustrated at times with what is now called IndyCar but I can see improvements have been made. I am cautiously watching and paying attention to IndyCar again.

Which brings me to the update of this blog.

I first started this blog back in 2008 as Champ Car was going away. I wanted a place to store the last photos of the great Champ Car races. Also, I wanted a place to store some of the hilarious comments that I read on a daily basis on the Champ Car Fanatics message board know as Crapwagon. is still there but the comments haven't been as funny as they used to be. Every once in awhile I'll come across something that makes me spit my drink out, but only every once in awhile. You can find all the funny comments under the section "crapwagon comments."

Also under the section "obi wan writtings" you can find some very well written thoughts by one of crapwagon's most knowledgeable posters. He hasn't been around in quite awhile, years to be exact.

While I tracked the IRL and waited for its implosion I kept track the best I could of it's foibles and flaws. It was especially enjoyable to watch the fall of the once mighty Tony George. Again, I wasn't around when he first began the slow killing of open-wheel racing in America thanks to his greed and pompousness. But I have dedicated an entire section to news articles that document his downfall. You can find that to the left under "the fall of tony george".

I also tracked the announcement and development of the "2012 chassis". I always thought that the only chance IndyCar has to succeed is to race a car that is safe, fast, and exciting to watch. I was at first disgusted by what they came up with and this whole "aero kit" idea. I am still not totally sold on the concept but it has shown it has potential, mostly thanks to Juan Pablo Montoya winning this year's Indy 500 and his ability to come from as far back as 30th position to the front. He attributes his win to the new car and its ability to be adjusted during the race to meet the current conditions. That shows promise right there.

You will find the articles and photos of the new chassis to the left under "indycar chassis". That only covers though information thru 2011. Anything 2012 and after has been posted in the corresponding indycar section followed by the year.

Also, I have merged a few sections.

At one time I had a section dedicated to Helio Castroneves' tax evasion trial. At the time it was a very big deal. He was acquitted but his squeaky clean image has never fully recovered. Those articles can be found under the "indycar 2009" header.

There was also a section dedicated to the accident that claimed Dan Wheldon's life. That section along with the articles that followed the investigation, etc. can be found in the "indycar 2011" section.

Finally, I had a tab dedicated to all the bad news that seems to follow IndyCar. That section was called "IRL strife" however since the bad news is a constant for our friends from Indianapolis I have gone ahead and merged those articles into each year's corresponding tab.

I hope you enjoy this blog, it has been a lot of hard work putting it together. I guess you could say a labor of love and despair, but such is the life of an open-wheel race fan in America.

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