Thursday, November 27, 2008

champcar fanatics

(posted on 11-17-08 after Jimmy Johnson won a 3rd straight NASCAR title.)

Question: is Jimmy Johnson that good?

Answer: Hell, NO !!! He's a NASCAR DRIVER, fer cryin' out loud ?

You thought this was a serious question ?

but congratulations anyway, to the winner of three nascar championships, even if his crew chief was suspended for most of the three seasons for cheating.......

who is jimmy johnson?

I don't know what "Jimmy Johnson" is, but it sounds painful.

I'd sooner have jimmy johnson than dick trickle...

Now THAT's sumthin' funny

I thought he was the Cowboys coach?

So I take it Johnson won the championship again. Gotta love it when the biggest cheaters win.

Does the "C" in NASCAR actually stand for "Cheaters". it makes sense.

N ational
A ssociation of
S cammers
C heaters
A nd
R ule-breakers

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