Friday, November 28, 2008

A1GP to the rescue

A1GP - the World Cup of Motorsport is quickly filling the void left by the departed ChampCar. With a new chassi and engine package (a Ferrari engine at that) entroduced this year the series that has struggled a bit in it's first three years may now have the momentum it needs to survive these difficult times for motorsports. With IndyCar gifting them one of the most established and successful race events in the world ,Australia's Surfers Paradise (thank you FTG), their future looks brighter than it did last year. They still have an uphill battle due to only 10 races on this year's schedule, but car count is good and you can argue that they are taking things step by step and growing slowly. Another thing in their favor is very high-quality free race coverage via the internet, a very smart step if you ask me.

This race fan hopes they can build on what looks to be a solid foundation because we certainly need some bright spots in today's motorsports world.

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