Saturday, May 8, 2010

New renderings for the BAT proposed 2012 IndyCar

These new renderings have made this car really come to life. I really like this car from the nose back to just behind the roll-bar, then it makes me want to puke. The body swooping up to the back wheels makes it look very difficult for the pit crew to change the rear tires without whacking their hands into the body. The rear wing looks weak and I'm not sure what they are trying to do with the rear bumper thing-a-majig.

A couple of Crapwagon posters put it well;

All these designs pretty much utilize excess winglets that are not needed, and they try to make it look swoopy and futuristic but in the end it looks like a jumbled mess. The Swift and Lola look the best out of all the designs but even they are hard to look at aesthetically.

The EARL is equally as unnecessary, so it is not surprising that pointless hood ornaments are being added. Remember, the primary goal with any crapwagon is to "not resemble anything CC did", whether "anything" involves safety advances or aesthetic improvements.

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