Monday, April 19, 2010

Cool helmet for the Luczo Dragon pit crew

Let's face it, if IndyCar wants to move forward and grow they need to start looking like a modern racing series.

To do that the first step is going to be start racing a car that isn't as old as my grandma's Buick. That's a big step and hopefuly one that is in the works, but one thing that could be done right now (albeit a little step) would be to update the pit crew guys with modern looking uniforms. Luzco Dragon is doing just that with some futuristic looking helmets that are right out of F1.

KV Racing however hasn't taken a step into the future and their guys are still wearing last century's headgear. It looks like those NFL fieldgoal kickers that wear the one-bar facemask with the bar moved down around their chin. "KV Racing lines up for the extra point attempt. Hike!"

Tagliani's team is about halfway there, old helmets but a cool looking shiney gold finish.

On a side note, NASCAR is worse than IndyCar. These guys don't even tuck in their shirts!

F1's McLaren Mercedes team has everyone beat though for the futuristic look.

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