Wednesday, July 29, 2009

IndyCar to add "Push to Pass" starting in Kentucky

(posted on in response to IndyCar announcing they will implement a "push to pass" system like ChampCar had starting with the upcoming race in Kentucky)

Push to Crash on an oval? I may have to watch this disaster. Where are they racing?

Helio's button will bring out a yellow flag and turn yellow lights on around the track.
Marco's button will bring on the light that indicates that the pits are open so he can park it.
Kanaan's button will turn on a fire extinguisher.
Dario's button will turn on his wife.
PT's button will ring a bell indicating the start of the third round. Rock'em'sock'em!!
Danica's button will go "ahhhooooooooooooga, ahhhoooooooooooga"
Milka's button will just vibrate.

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