Thursday, October 9, 2008

champcar fanatics

(posted on 10-7-08 regarding F1 cancelling the Canadian Grand Prix and leaving North America with no F1 race)

How can a credible world championship not compete in North America and have only one race in the Western Hemisphere?

This on the day of the 30th anniversary of Gilles' first f1 win on the very same track. Focking as*holes...

No kidding. Then again who said F1 was credible.

-I luv chicken
Looks like I'm gong to have to buy more lottery tickets, to win and have enough money to get standing room at the Yaba - Daba, Grand Prix.

-Star Scream
this hurts further more when we see there are frakking boring races like hungaroring, imola or barcelona out of the discussion for switching/leaving

silverstone and montreal are some of the all time hi-lights and they can't be replaced

nice to have a night-street race in singapore, but what the hell has f-mullah countries to do with racing? they don't know a sheit about racing and they see us as infidels (means enemies)

f-abu dabi, f-bahrain, effing mullahs!!

and the most saddest part is that we no longer can say: "f-f1, we have a better international series with real racing and cooler/faster cars."

oh man, is there no "god of racing" there to help us (anymore)?

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