Friday, September 12, 2008

champcar fanatics

(posted on 9-8-08 regarding what he did with his time instead of watching IndyCar's final race of the 2008 season)

-Angry Dwarf
I was primering a B58 Hustler, and watched it dry.

Then sanded it, carefully. Going for a metallic finish, needs to be baby butt smooth,
and then practically through it through the window when 3 CHARGERS DEFENDERS couldn't deflect a freaking pass, and then just went for a long bike ride lamenting what happened.

I do blame it on FTG.

Go Bobby!!!! (Martinez. Surfer. Boost Mobile is this week. Now that is worth watching)

Now, on topic, isn't it easier, and less painful to hit yourself in the nuts with a hammer, than watch Crapwagons?

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